Weight Training increases testosterone

Based on many studies and research, weight training will increase testosterone level.

Acording to this research paper here (From Professors of University of New Mexico, this research paper combines many different studies into one): resistance training will induce increase in testosterone, and growth hormone levels.

In order to do this. one must train in a fashion where… 

  • Multi-joint movements and large muscle mass are used. (Your typical squat, deadlifts, cleans, bench, rows, shoulder press and bench press.)
  • High in volume. (# of Sets)
    • Strength Training (5 Reps @ 88% of 1-Rep Max, 3-Min rest): The anabolic-hormone increase between 2-sets vs. 4-sets per exercise were equal. Meaning, both lower volume and higher volume training increased male-hormone tremendously.
    • Hypertrophy Training (2-8 Reps @ 75% of 1RM, 3-Min rest) & Strength Endurance (15 Reps @ 60% of 1RM, 1-Min rest): Doing higher volume (4-sets) increased hormones greater than lower volume (2-sets).
    • Overall, I recommend higher volume and do at least 4 sets per exercise.
  • Moderate to high intensity (Using weight 70-90% of your 1-Rep Max)
  • Do not overtrain: Untrained individuals and novices ended up decreasing their testosterone levels when they ALWAYS trained to failure. Whereas, advanced/trained individuals were okay to occasionally push themselves to the limit.

This sounds like a bodybuilding training and powerlifting training regimen that people use at accredited gyms.

Guess what? Increasing testosterone and growth hormone levels helped people gain more strength and muscle according to these studies (1, 2, 3, 4) So, lifting weights help increase your testosterone and growth hormone level. In addition, certain methods (described above: higher intensity, etc…) and certain exercises (squats, deadlifts, etc…) will help you gain even more strength and muscle due to the hormonal responses!

Ben Carpenter sums it up really nicely on the below youtube video.

Thus, I recommend you guys do strength training. Do it in a way described above. You will be surging in testosterone and result in more strength and muscle gains.

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