Do you need testosterone shots?

Do you need testosterone shots? Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in our body—whether a person is a male or a female. In fact, the moment we are conceived and during our intrauterine life, we already have testosterone in our bloodstream. It is actually the hormone responsible of our gender differentiation—if the testosterone level of the embryo is low, the baby develops female characteristics; otherwise, it develops male characteristics.

In adolescents and adults, testosterone is responsible for sexual characteristics, libido and energy. For men, it promotes the development of male organs and male characteristics while for female, it is responsible for mass and sex drive. However, as a person ages, the body’s supply of testosterone also declines. This is where testosterone shots can be of great help.

What Are Testosterone Shots?

Testosterone shots are basically intramuscular injection of testosterone which is a form of hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone shots will prevent the occurrence of age related behavioral and mood disorders, fatigue, weakness as well as cognitive dysfunctions.

Testosterone shots for men are given at about 200 to 300 mg doses which need to be administered for several weeks. It should be given intramuscularly to promote a moderate and healthy speed of absorption into the bloodstream. As for women, testosterone shots are given in smaller amounts.

Side Effects of Testosterone Shots

Like any other drugs, testosterone shots can also give rise to side effects like:

  • allergic reaction
  • male pattern baldness or alopecia
  • swelling of breasts
  • fluctuation in the levels of cholesterol

There are also other ways by which one can get testosterone replacement and one is through application of gels and creams. However, it has been found out that testosterone shots are generally more effective and safer because it is absorbed into the bloodstream and contact of the cream or gel to other persons is not a possibility.

Anyone with basic nursing skills can administer testosterone shots. You can buy testosterone shots from drug stores with a physician’s prescription.

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