Powerlifting Encourages Testosterone Boost

I have said in my previous post that weightlifting increases testosterone and anabolic hormone levels.  Powerlifting is a perfect example of this because the weightlifting criteria that stimulates testosterone boost is incorporated in powerlifting.

In my weightlifting post, after providing a research backed study, I stated that in order to increase testosterone, growth hormone and other anabolic hormone levels through weightlifting…

“one must train in a fashion where… 

  • Multi-joint movements and large muscle mass are used. (Your typical squat, deadlifts, cleans, bench, rows, shoulder press and bench press.)
  • High in volume. (# of Sets)
    • Strength Training (5 Reps @ 88% of 1-Rep Max, 3-Min rest): The anabolic-hormone increase between 2-sets vs. 4-sets per exercise were equal. Meaning, both lower volume and higher volume training increased male-hormone tremendously.
    • Hypertrophy Training (2-8 Reps @ 75% of 1RM, 3-Min rest) & Strength Endurance (15 Reps @ 60% of 1RM, 1-Min rest): Doing higher volume (4-sets) increased hormones greater than lower volume (2-sets).
    • Overall, I recommend higher volume and do at least 4 sets per exercise.
  • Moderate to high intensity (Using weight 70-90% of your 1-Rep Max)
  • Do not overtrain: Untrained individuals and novices ended up decreasing their testosterone levels when they ALWAYS trained to failure. Whereas, advanced/trained individuals were okay to occasionally push themselves to the limit.”

Powerlifting is a weight training sport that can fulfill all the above testosterone boosting requirements.

  1. Powerlifting focuses on deadlifts, squats, and benchuses. All three lifts are multi-joint movements and large muscle mass. In a powerlifting training workouts, even accessory works are used to aid strength gains in these three lifts.
  2. Although when training to boost testosterone levels, one does not need to do high volume with strength training, powerlifting will incorporate high volume usually. Check out Smolov Workout Program: One of the best squat routine. Powerlifting will MAKE SURE your testosterone and growth hormone levels skyrocket.
  3. Powerlifting is a powerful, explosive, and high-intensity by nature. The core lifts: squat, bench, and deadlifts are performed very closed to 1RM.

Hence, I really recommend powerlifting training as your strength training routine in order to increase your muscle mass, strength, testosterone and growth hormone.

Powerlifting lifts such as squat and deadlifts is a great choice for bodybuilders to increase 1-rep max’s, athletes to improve strength & balance, and patients to use for rehab. ALSO, many fitness experts and sports scientists say that squats and deadlifts are exercises that everyone should do regardless of your needs because of it’s benefits.

If you have never done powerlifting or if you have never picked up a weight in your life, then I recommend you try the Stronglift 5×5 Program. SL 5×5 is the best program for novices. The best powerlifting routine I recommend for advanced lifter is the Smolov Squat Program or the Daily Undulating Periodization Program. With these program, I believe you will be able to improve your fitness in no time.

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